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Reasons For Infertility: Male

reason of infertilityReasons for infertility varies for both partners but male infertility is more common. About 1 in 20 men is infertile and a male factor is found in 50% of most barren partners. Around 1/3 of all ivf methods are carried out for infertility in males. Many men were surprised at the result and the finding that they will unable to conceive comes as a total shock. Primary reason usually is obstruction in the male genitalia. Approximately 1 in 3 reported cases of infertility in males, absences of tubes (including the vas deferens) or blockages are the main cause.

Sperm quality – Sperms are produced in testes or man’s testicles. At the time of male ejaculation/climax, sperm moves via number of little tubes known as epididymis, with a mixture of semen from a structure known as seminal vesicle. The seminal fluid is pushed through a bigger tube called vas deferens, towards the urethra and further out through opening in the glans penis. Sperm number or quality issues can be a result of hereditary factors. Scientific study from Australia found out that microscopic fragment of the male’s chromosome might be absent in most male with sperm problems and will lead to:
Lacking/Absent sperm (azoospermia) – the semen does not have a sperm cell. This is often due to a congestion in the tubes, or failure in the testes itself
Low sperm count (oligospermia) – The amount ejaculated fluid has not sufficient amount of sperm to create pregnancy. A sperm count more than 20 million per milliliter is considered normal, although the sperm count average for the human population is around sixty million and many males have a sperm count of greater than 200 million per milliliter. Sperm counts range of five to 20 million does not indicate indicate a serious infertility problem.

Defective structure – a normal sperm is the same shape as a sleek tadpole. An abnormality in shape of a sperm will cause problem in swimming and penetrating woman’s egg surface.

Weak motility/mobility – a normal or healthy sperm has a lashing tail, which is very important for swimming within the female reproductive system. Swimming feebly or not at all is due to poor motility.
Functional issues that can lead or contribute to male infertility include:
Erectile dysfunction or impotence – One is unable have or keep an penile erection enough for having sex.
Testicular problems – due to chemotherapy, infection or injury.
Prostectomy – surgical removal of prostate gland could cause impotence and infertility.
Certain disorders – diabetes or multiple sclerosis can cause and ejaculation and penile erection problems.

Lifestyle factors
Using tobacco decreases fertility in males by 1/2 half that is why is should be stopped if you want to have a baby, Marijuana usage as well as excessive intake of alcohol need to be ceased. Using vitamins like folic acid, zinc, multivitamins, and a healthy diet is a must after you have broken your bad habits for healthy production of sperm.
Certain disorders – such as multiple sclerosis or diabetes can cause erection and ejaculation difficulties.

If ever you have reasons for infertility stated above, it is very important to visit your fertility doctor in your area to assess your condition and provide the necessary and effective treatments available.


Pregnancy Miracle Review

pregnancy miracle guideDo you feel alone in the struggle with infertility? Fear not, for it is more common than you probably think, and contrary to popular belief, it is not an issue associated exclusively with women. Even health variables with men can be a contributing factor to a successful pregnancy.

Fortunately for those with infertility issues, there are a number of treatment options available, but they come at a hefty price with the risk of side effects. So what other choices are there for people who can’t afford conventional treatment? As a society that relies so heavily on common fixes such as pills or surgery, we often forget that not everything needs to be cured with a trip to the doctor and a prescription.

So you desperately search for answers in the library or on the internet that will solve your problem, and that’s when you happen to pass by this Pregnancy Miracle guide. You probably didn’t think much of it at first because as I’ve mentioned before, we’re a society that looks for conventional treatment first, something that will get rid of our issues quickly. Some may believe that holistic health methods are of the ‘hocus pocus’ variety, but when you come to a point where you have dried up every other resource out there, it couldn’t possibly hurt to open your mind to the road less traveled.

Pregnancy Miracle book is actually not a hardcopy book; it is in the E-book format. What you may initially believe to be a single-sitting read actually turns out to span well over 200 pages of content. The material covers the important steps to restoring the balance to your well being, which means you’ll be learning about the variables that are holding you back from a successful pregnancy, and how to overcome them.

Pregnancy Miracle guide Reinvents Our Way of Thinking

Pregnancy Miracle states that the root of our problems lies in the human well-being aspect. You have to question how healthy you are psychologically, physically, and socially. While it is important to worry about eliminating other health threats such as endometriosis, we cannot ignore holistic health, as it is a major part how well our body and mind functions. Just think about it for a moment. People are always picking up the obvious problems right away or issues that the doctor brings up, but never the holistic side of things, but I think that’s because they haven’t become aware of just how important it is until they have read the Pregnancy Miracle book.

What you need to understand is that the guide is not a bunch of fluff. It’s not here to temporarily help you so you can pop out a baby quickly and be done with it all. It’s a cure to reverse the infertility disorder for good, along with improving your quality of life by reviving the mind and spirit. It has been clinically proven to be effective, and only multiplies its popularity today after becoming the best-selling infertility-related book on the web.

You don’t need to stalk the pharmacy to look for a magic cure. You don’t need to go through medical procedures to treat your problems. What you need is an open mind and the strong spirit of an individual who doesn’t know when to quit. You deserve to be happy, and if a child in your life is what will set things straight, then Pregnancy Miracle pdf will be the most life-changing book you will ever read.

That’s the important part of Pregnancy Miracle guide, but isn’t it nice to have a little icing on the cake? When you decide to purchase a copy of the book, you receive a handful of extra E-Books and free updates for life. To sweeten it all even more, you can direct inquiries to Lisa Olson herself via email. She also has a team of personal counselors available around the clock to guide you through the system, which pretty much guarantees success.

To conclude, Pregnancy Miracle review fulfills the claims of reversing infertility so you can have the chance of giving birth to your own healthy children. The truth will be exposed in a big way, and all infertility myths will be debunked. I think it is worth way more than the current $39 price tag, plus you’ll really have nothing to lose because of a full 2-month trial. If you decide it’s not right for you, you can have your money refunded, but I doubt you will be thinking about that once you realize how extraordinary the book really is. After all, being given the title of pregnancy bible is a huge thing. If you’re ready to open your mind to a tried and tested solution, make your way over to the official website now. Take in the extra details, maybe read the large archive of testimonials left by women who decided to take that first step to curing their infertility.